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Dee Jay's Candles
501 Carroll St.
Fort Worth, TX

Montgomery Plaza

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About Us

In 1989, I decided to follow my dream. I had always burned a lot of scented candles, but disappointment always came. They always seemed to burn up in only a few short hours, and they never put off a scent that I could smell while they were burning. My dream was to have a candle that I could smell very strongly for the entire time I burned the candle, and I was hoping it would last a lot longer than the candles I was purchasing. This almost seemed like an impossible dream.

I began in my kitchen with a lot of trial and error systems until I finally achieved the candle of my dreams. Relatives and friends began using my product and word of mouth began to spread. Soon the demand was so great that I had to expand my production. As the word continues to spread, so does my production. Today it is still a family-operated business and will always remain in my family, and nothing will ever be done to change the quality of my products.

Now, several years later....the word still continues to spread. Once people find a product such as this candle, the talk never stops! You will be surprised how word of mouth will also bring good business your way.

- Diane               


We also sell our fine candle products to qualified resellers.
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501 Carroll St.
Fort Worth, TX

Montgomery Plaza

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